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linda at fpr.com linda at fpr.com
Mon Nov 1 12:39:41 MDT 2010

Jay replied to a question I had asked John about one of his (John's)
> A few items were mentioned in the last several postings regarding GPS.
[Linda asked John]
> > How exactly would one associate a GPS coordinate set with a place name,
> > so that it complies with your [John's] statement that while "the name of the
> > place is changed by changing, evolving, or revisionist history, the GPS
> > coordinates of it will never change."   When you [John] wrote "the GPS
> > coordinates of it will never change,"  what is the "it" ?
[Jay answered]
> "It" would be the point on the earth of  particular coordinates.

Jay, when I read John's statement I thought he meant the "it" referred
to "place."   Restated in my own words, I read his statement to mean
that while the place names might change [for a variety of reasons] the
coordinates [for a place] wouldn't, ever.  

This does not make any sense to me.  So I asked John questions so that I
might improve my understanding of what he wrote, including different
scenarios of name changes, boundary changes, and overlapping boundaries.

Your reading of "it" is clearly different than mine.   Only John can
give further explanation of what he meant when he wrote his statement.

Linda Gardner

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