[APG Public List] Reasonable time to wait for reply fromprofessional genealogist

Donna McR donna316 at tx.rr.com
Sun May 30 13:09:04 MDT 2010

Even though this discussion has wound down, I just have to throw this one in---because it's my personal experience right now:::::::::::

I stayed a few days after the NGS Conference in Salt Lake City to complete some client research for three different projects.

So now I'm home tap-dancing as fast as I can to get reports written before I can move on to something else.  And then I'm also helping my niece with her DAR application and am behind where I want to be on that . . . .  And trying to deal with a relative who wants me to "find her family tree," probably all the way back to God, and for free, I'm sure.  It's not in my nature to be off schedule, and it's driving me slightly (just slightly) batty.

<< Still Tap-Dancing Even As I Type >>


P.S.  Warmest regards, as usual.
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