[APG Public List] Data in German marriage records before 1876

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Sun May 30 02:32:25 MDT 2010

I've just put together some data for a friend and suggested you may be  
interested to learn about it. 
Data which may  be found in 19th century marriage records in Germany (on 
the west side of the  Rhine River before 1876) 
Data in the  marriage records can be: 
groom - name,  first name, age, profession, birth place, maybe birth date, 
military service  done, current residence 
father –  names, profession, status (alive and residence or deceased and 
when and  where) 
mother -  dito 
in case father  and mother were deceased the groom needed a proof that he 
was who he was and he  had to deliver dates about his grandparents with death 
dates - great  sources. 
same for the  bride.  
name, first  name, age, profession, residence, sometimes relation to groom 
or  bride 
The middle  part of the record is nearly always the same. The clerk tells 
about the three  proclamations of the marriage-to-be, gives dates and places 
where they had been,  then asks groom and bride whether they want to ... and 
so on.  
Interesting:  signatures. You can see whether someone was able to write and 
read or how much  experienced he was in writing. Can tell much about 
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