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Valerie A. Metzler vmah at keyconn.net
Wed May 12 13:42:21 MDT 2010

Really!  I have been wondering why the argument has not been loudly  
put forth about how the census is invaluable for genealogy.  Works for  
me!!  But, a "light thought?"  Brings the opposite to me.
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On 12.05.2010, at 15:36, Alvie L. Davidson CG wrote:

> This will probably bring a light thought to you genealogically  
> minded folks.  A couple of days ago a Tampa area census enumerator  
> was threatened with a pickaxe when the enumerator wanted to ask him  
> those simple 10 questions.  Of course the man with the pickaxe is  
> facing aggravated battery charges and will spend some time in the  
> cooler.

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