[APG Public List] Regarding Australian records‏

Debbie Petrides petrides at hotmail.com
Mon May 10 07:27:45 MDT 2010

How does this look guys?
"General Search," digital image, /ital/National Archives of Australia/ital/ (http://naa12.naa.gov.au/scripts/ResearcherScreen.asp : accessed 10 May 2010), PSORAKIS P G;  Series Number D4878, Alien registration documents, alphabetical series; Department of Immigration, South Australia Branch.
I see the agency number is irrelevant as the agency is just named as the repository.
I included the series number.
The only thing left out is the barcode.
Do I need that?
What is missing?
Ahhh the fine art of citations :) 		 	   		  
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