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Carole, first I'd like to thank you for taking the time to respond to me.
I'm still in the process of creating a citation for this. I realize that US-based sources are not only based on differently named archival terms, but they are probabably styled differently as well. I'm using Elizabeth Shown Mill's book, Evidence to construct my sources. 
I noted the date first. I then clicked on control symbol, which happened to be the subject's name, which brought me to another page. I then clicked on the series number as you suggested (D4878) and saw where the documents were identified as alien registration.
So then I go down the list to where 1949 would be represented and I find this:

29 Aug 1946 - circa 31 Dec 1964   CA 959, Department of Immigration, South Australia Branch
Is this the repository where the documents are currently held? That is what I'm led to believe. I don't suppose they are the "original author" of the papers, but I must ask in case I'm wrong.
What do I do about barcode 7190738, series D4878 or the agency number CA 959 is this all relevant?
What information would you include or exclude?
I've added very little since last night..
Right now it reads 
"General Search," digital image, National Archives of Australia    (http://naa12.naa.gov.au/scripts/ResearcherScreen.asp : accessed 9 May 2010), Panayoti George Psorakis, alien registration
I'm not thrilled or ready to begin studying how the Australian archive system operates, but just a little nudge regarding this particular document. It is the only one I believe we will be needing and too much information clogs my brain :) My apologies If I'm being a nuisance.
Thank you in advance,
Debbie Sideratos Petrides










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