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As with any archives, you need to click on the series number to see what it
is. When I do that I can see that you are looking at Alien Registration
documents. Because the file was dated 1949, the Agency was the Department of
Immigration, South Australian Branch.


A search of the website finds more information on alien registration after







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This isn't so much a question how to construct the citation but rather what
all these digits and letters mean and what the American equivalent is.
I'm at http://naa12.naa.gov.au/ in their online search.  I know how cite
database results from this but my problem is creating citations for
digitized records.
I get this far:
"General Search," digital image, National Archives of Australia
(http://naa12.naa.gov.au/scripts/ResearcherScreen.asp : accessed 9 May
2010), Panayoti George Psorakis, 
barcode 7190738, series D4878
and then I am competely lost.  The database reads it's in Adelaide... I
don't know what type of digitized document this is, nevermind the barcode
and the series.  It looks like a bunch of random immigration documents stuck
together, in any case.
Can someone help me out?  I'd be much appreciative.
Debbie Petrides


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