[APG Public List] PowerPoint to DVD

Michael Hait michael.hait at hotmail.com
Fri May 7 21:31:15 MDT 2010

> Has anyone on this list been able to convert a PowerPoint presentation
> with narration to DVD, using widows 7 and PowerPoint 2002?
> I have tried two trial converter programs. Acoolsoft has a PPT to DVD Lite
> that works, but the pictures are not all that great.
> I have tried a trial copy of Power Video Maker Pro. The pictures are
> great, but I cannot get the sound to come through.
> Has anyone tried anything else that really works well?

I am not sure whether there is a trial version, but I like iSpring 
Presenter -- it is a plug-in for Powerpoint (I use 2007 on a Vista machine). 
The video works well, and saves to different formats, though I have not 
converted it to DVD.  I am not sure if I can save directly in DVD format, 
but if it doesn't, there are converters to put the video formats that it 
does create to the DVD format.

Michael Hait
michael.hait at hotmail.com
Hait Family History Research Services
National African-American Genealogy Examiner

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