[APG Public List] Windows 7

Jacqueline Wilson jawgen at comcast.net
Thu May 6 18:07:48 MDT 2010

Larry, I do not recommend 64 bit computers just yet.  The software  
world has not caught up to the hardware yet.
Jacqueline Wilson
Evanston, IL
jawgen at comcast.net

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On May 5, 2010, at 4:54 PM, LBoswell wrote:

Have to purchase a new computer, not sure whether to go with Windows  
7.  I asked on a different list but couldn't hang around to see the  

Anyone with Win7 installed lately. Any problems with gen or related  
programs?  I think what I'm looking at is a 64 bit version, which  
makes me nervous because I couldn't get the equivalent in Vista to  
work with some programs and had to switch to 32 bit.

If I go Win7 in this new computer, any one using either 32 bit or 64  
bit version?  Recommendations?



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