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Michael John Neill mjnrootdig at gmail.com
Wed May 5 16:55:02 MDT 2010

Much to my chagrin, I neglected to post a followup to my blog post about the
"ages" shown in the Family Tree Timeline at Ancestry.com.

The ages in the timeline are pulled from the original date of birth, not
from the census record. When the date of birth is pulled from the list of
events, the ages are then used in the timeline (based upon the age). For the
individual in question, the year of birth was approximate, making any ages
approximate. In timelines I create myself, I indicate an age is approximate
if I am calculating an age based upon an approximate year of birth.

Anyone who wants to see the update can view it here:


My apologies for not posting this sooner...I really thought I had posted
followups here.


Michael John Neill
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