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Alvie L. Davidson CG floridasearch at verizon.net
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I am not an expert in Win7 but I bought a laptop with Win7 on it and I am
pleased so far.  I saw a large PC by HP demonstrated in Salt Lake City and
it had a lot of the appearance of Mac software but I knew it was not Mac's

It is pretty much a conclusion that old, old, software of any sorts will
find it difficult to run on Win7.


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Sorry, did I say the programs I'm using are the standard gen programs.  Also
things like an older version of photoshop, acrobat, other document/photo
handling software


One reason I'm thinking of Win7 is that I hear it's compatible with video
editing, and lately I've been incorporating video along with photos (onsite
locations related to a client's ancestors)




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Have to purchase a new computer, not sure whether to go with Windows 7.  I
asked on a different list but couldn't hang around to see the answers.


Anyone with Win7 installed lately. Any problems with gen or related
programs?  I think what I'm looking at is a 64 bit version, which makes me
nervous because I couldn't get the equivalent in Vista to work with some
programs and had to switch to 32 bit.


If I go Win7 in this new computer, any one using either 32 bit or 64 bit
version?  Recommendations?







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