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Nicole La Rue nikkisbc at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 22 12:15:30 MDT 2010

Thank you all for the feedback received.  As a clarification to some of the comments/questions/suggestions, etc.:
~I received my copy directly from the clerk's office; this was the image as it appeared in their computer system, not printer error.  In fact, she knew it wasn't going to print clearly so she didn't charge me for it. It's that bad that the county clerk's office wouldn't take the $15  :)
~I have looked through what I have available to me for an obit/death notice for the decedent, Lida Van Wormer, without success. I am not able to get to the Harold Washington Library to do a thorough newspaper search so I really can't say whether there even is one for her at this time
~I have checked for the FHL film, however the center that is most convenient to me is missing the roll/s that I need so I can't check to see if the FHL film is the same as what the county clerk's office was working from
~I have checked all of the findagrave, genweb, and general Chicago cemetery/genealogy sites I can find and most of the cemetery lists I've seen are comparable. I can't make anything fit with what I'm seeing so maybe the fresh eyes of others will see something else.  For a while I thought the cemetery might be Fairmount in Willow Springs, but they have no one by that name.  There was also a time when I thought the location could be Palos or the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago but neither has produced cemeteries with names such as is seen on the death record.
Based on the last address of the deceased, I was looking for cemeteries somewhere around the Englewood section, or the stockyards since that is where she had known family connections.  I can't seem to find anything other than what I've already checked.  Her other family members are buried at Mt Hope and Oakwoods cemeteries but neither of these fit what is shown on the record.
Thanks all again for your feedback and suggestions!  I really appreciate your time.
Nikki LaRue

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