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For events of this type, only when I have to put something in my database, I use what may appear to be an odd source: myself. 

If I have an individual that I believe died between two specific dates, say a census with a date and a probate entry with a date, I use bewteen those dates as the death range. I list something I usually refer to as "Michael neill conclusion" as the source title, and then within the area for that source's specific citation, typically within the text area, I place references to the two documents that have me my range of dates. If I don't have two references, but have other valid reasons for one of the dates, I include that commentary in the section. This works for me and allows me to essily review my rationale for a date range and helps me track the sources used in that rationale. I use a similar procedure for any estimated date of any event. If something is estimated, I ALWAYS include how I arrived at that date range. I do this even if the reason seems obvious,

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In Bladen County, NC, both James WEST and his wife were enumerated on the
census of 1830 as being between 70 and 80 years of age.
There are no known tax records for that period in Bladen County history. No
further record of this James WEST has been found in Bladen County, NC. It is
supposed he died sometime around 1830. Known cemetery records have been
searched, to no avail.

Extensive searches of census, tax and probate records in NC, SC, GA, TN and
AL for that particular James WEST have been done, finding nothing pertaining
to him.

How do I write up this information when doing an article/autobiography on
this James WEST? What do I use as his date of death?

I have searched google quite unsuccessfuly in efforts to obtain answer to my



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