[APG Public List] Placement of endnotes within genealogy

Janey Joyce jejoyce at sbcglobal.net
Thu Mar 11 21:26:32 MST 2010

My personal opinion is that compiled genealogies should be footnoted
and that a source list also should be prepared.  Early on I did endnotes at the end of
each family group and soon discovered that made it difficult to go back and
view a specific document unless I also embedded reference to a specific
volume and page within the narrative ie (Salem VRs 2:16) as, for
instance, Robert Charles Anderson did in The Great Migration Begins. 
I also find it very annoying to read something on a page that I want to
see the source for and find that I have to interrupt my reading to go
looking for it.  

Janey E. Joyce CG
San Antonio, Texas

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