[APG Public List] Documenting Family Travels

Jill N. Crandell jncrandell at broadweave.net
Sat Mar 6 09:43:45 MST 2010

Lynita wrote:

Is there an interactive software program that all family members can share
to, say, place a marker and a quick blurb about a place they've actually
traveled to and perhaps the circumstances of that trip?  

Have you tried Google maps? There is a "My Maps" function where you can
create your own map, mark places, label them, write a brief description,
etc. You can make them public, and with the collaboration function, you can
invite specific people to participate or set it so that anyone can edit it.
If you want to share it on a blog, you can generate the HTML code to put in
the HTML/Javascript gadget at Blogspot. Clicking on any of the markers with
open the balloon with the information you added.


For an example, you are welcome to go to my blog and see the map that I
created. I put a link to the map in the blog, but you can also insert the
map itself if you want to. My students have had a lot of fun with this!




Jill Crandell


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