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I've always had problems trying to print directly from Ancestry itself. Are 
you having problems downloading a copy to be printed separately?

On the subject of Ancestry, I've never adjusted to the new search, and I see 
the old version is slowly being adjusted to look more like the new.  I hate 
the idea that I can't jump ahead in pages easily.  And not being able to see 
all the available databases/collections as easily.  I wonder if the idea 
isn't to slow down searches, because for me that's the effect the new search 
facility has.  Maybe it grows on you?
Larry Boswell BA, PLCGS
"Historical & Genealogical Research Services"
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
laboswell at rogers.com
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  I am pretty unhappy with Ancestry.com's print when it comes to censuses. 
  have subscribed to Ancestry.com since they first came on line.  So, it is
  not like I don't know how to do it.

  Today, I wanted to print a 1920 image and I selected "landscape" and it
  printed out in portrait BUT the image was about 2" x 4".

  Several other images I tried I got nothing but blank paper except for 
  at the top or bottom and no image.

  I just tried to print a 1870 image and while it was loading I had to go 
  from the computer for several minutes so when I came back I tried to print
  it and the image consisted of Page 1 - about half the image and two more
  blank pages.

  I sure hope someone from Ancestry monitors this site because so far I have
  been unsuccessful at contacting them directly.

  Last week I know the Family History Center was having a lot of problems 
  I couldn't take time to go over and try to troubleshoot.  Patrons were
  pretty unhappy.

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