[APG Public List] Suicide in Rome

Jacqueline Wilson jawgen at comcast.net
Tue Mar 2 21:30:29 MST 2010

I have yet to comment of this case, but I was struck by the fact that  
the gun belonged to the Mother.  I can seriously opine that the Mother  
killed her daughter rather than a suicide if insanity ran in the  
family.  The Mother knew what was coming.  However, the one thing I  
have not seen in the posts is that suicide is considered a mortal sin  
in the Catholic Church.  At one time suicides could not be buried in  
consecrated ground and the graves were hidden away from the Church  
yard.  But I also find it hard to believe that there would be no death  
notice somewhere, after all most of the time, people do not just  
disappear.  So how would that be handled?

Fascinating case indeed.  Good luck with your research.

Jacqueline Wilson
Evanston, IL

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