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Barbara Mathews bmathews at gis.net
Tue Mar 2 17:51:49 MST 2010

Craig, this story is fascinating. There were two things that came to my mind
that I wanted to share. I hope that I'm not boring too many people.
First, I expect that the doctor called in to attend a gunshot victim who
survived for a short period of time would simply be the closest doctor to
the scene. If that doctor was in the Vatican, he would be called whether or
not the victim was in the Vatican. I'm not sure that I would limit my
research to the Vatican archives because that was where the doctor had a
work assignment. I would look for records kept by the city of Rome, in their
equivalent of an American coroner's report or a French investigating
magistrate's report. This is just my personal take on what is a riviting
If the death was a suicide, I also would not expect to see newspaper
accounts. I'd look for them, but I would not be surprised to see them
missing. A suicide in my family took place in Baton Rouge a scant three
years ago. When I called the newspaper reporter down there to gather more
information, I was told outright that they didn't publish suicides. I got
the impression from him that such a shameful act is still to this day kept
out of the papers.
Good luck in your search!  
Yours, Barbara
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