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--- On Tue, 3/2/10, Craig Kilby <persisto at live.com> wrote:

> the apartment she had taken in the aristocratic Via Venti
> Settembre, facing the War Office and not far from the Quirirnal
> Palace." That is to say, the Vatican.

     The Quirinal Palace was _built_ for a Pope, but was at the time the official royal residence of _Italy_. (I do realise this says "not far" from that palace.) More importantly, what leapt out at me was "facing the War Office". The _Vatican_ had a War Office??? (Yes, I do know about the Swiss Guard, but I don't think they ever maintained a "War Office".) And the very street was named for the date when the city of Rome was annexed _to the Italian nation_. Indeed, wouldn't the account have read "Vatican City", not Rome, if that was where the apartment was located?
     So, I'm sorry, but I don't see how any of this indicates the apartment was located "in the Vatican". It suggests, to me, the exact opposite. If I'm right (I am not an expert on Italy, and I don't have the precise address, so I can hardly be sure), then we again have only the _physician_, and we know his _employment_, but not his _nationality_.
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