[APG Public List] Historical vs Current Name Places

Donna McR donna316 at tx.rr.com
Tue Mar 2 11:10:37 MST 2010

I also use the location current at the time of the event.
For example for a 1901 event, I have entered:      Coal County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory (Later Oklahoma)
In the location notes I entire the dates of creation regarding the county, the Chickasaw Nation, etc.
For counties, in the location notes I also put which were its mother counties, the date of its creation as a county, and the counties that were its progeny and their dates of creation.  If the historical location is a territory rather than state, I also put the date it was named a territory, and the date it became a state.
For a brief period, my grandmother's family lived in Oklahoma.  Years ago, when I was trying to find their marriage record, I knew it was Indian Territory at that time (1901), but had no idea it was the Chickasaw Nation.  In finding the record, that made all the difference.  If I had just input the modern location, Coal County, Oklahoma, a later researcher might be a bit lost, as to the location of old records.
Just my two cents.  As always, YMMV.
Warmest Regards,
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