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I use the current location, but I do source the location with information about previous county designations. The reason I use the current location is that on the rare occasion when I need to sort the data in my family file, like when I want to find out which family members are buried in a certain county, or which ones lived in a certain place, all of the entries will show up in a search.

Bonnie Dunphy Kohler
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  One of the main reasons for recording places as they were when the event took place is to find the records of the event.  My ancestor lived in Morrow county and then in Noble County without moving because they split Morrow.  All land records that occurred before the split are in Morrow County Court House.  All land records after the split are in Noble County Court House.  If I just put Noble County for everything it would send researchers off in the wrong direction.  That is an easy example but some places have been through 5 or 6 County changes as well as a state change.  Knowing what the political entity is at the time of the event is as important as the date of the event, IMHO.

  Julia Coldren-Walker
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