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Sarah A. V. Kirby sarah at vandeventer.net
Mon Mar 1 17:27:18 MST 2010

All are from ResourcShelf during the last month:

War of 1812 (Canadian side of the border) - http://www.resourceshelf.com/2010/02/20/canada-war-of-1812-artifacts-can-now-be-viewed-online-academic-library-spearheads-project/ OR TinyURL -http://tinyurl.com/ygka98t

--- seems to be mostly ephemera (objects), but some documents

Railroads - http://www.resourceshelf.com/2010/02/07/digitizing-u-s-history-the-railroads/ --- some really cool maps, you can even plot on Google Maps and watch as RRs grow every 5 years. Talk about handy!

Univ. North Carolina Yearbooks - http://www.resourceshelf.com/2010/02/17/cool-u-of-north-carolina-digitizes-every-student-yearbook-from-1890-through-1966/ OR TinyURL - http://tinyurl.com/yfq9h8h -- if you have relatives that went there ...

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