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I agree, corrections serve us all, and I can't understand why anyone would 
not make a correction when an error is found.  Otherwise it's like digging 
something up, then using it, and then burying it again rather than marking 
where it lies

But I'm thinking about more than that aspect.  To use a record without fully 
identifying all aspects of it seems to me to be stopping short of fully 
doing our research.  Sometimes that extra work doesn't really matter and 
doesn't change how we view the information, but other times fully 
identifying as much as can be found about a record can completely alter how 
we would have interpreted the information if we'd just stopped at what 
Ancestry offers in its descriptions).

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  I've always looked at it differently. I've long heard that "you are doing 
work that benefits the company" but to me, the subscription services are 
providing a place/forum and resources for us to carry out our research. When 
we make an addition, transcription, or correction to the data they house and 
provide for us, we are doing it for ourselves and for other researchers. Any 
benefits to the subscription service itself is purely secondary. They took 
the initial step of making the data accessible for us or giving us a place 
to house our data that otherwise would have cost us directly.


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    I think part of the problem with subscription services is that sometimes 
we seem to be asking them to do our work for us. 
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