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Morris Simon mosimon at comcast.net
Mon Jun 28 19:54:37 MDT 2010

Interesting project, Cindy. Let me respond to each of your points separately

    1.. Obviously, education is the key.  Do you think professionals are doing enough to help educate the general population about the importance of citing sources? 

  I am seeing more attention to evidence and citation among my clients than in the past. I attribute this change to public awareness of genealogical methodology in the media and improved professionalism regarding full source citations in genealogy. Landmark publications such as Elizabeth Mills' contributions have prompted professionals to be more aware of citation standards and they are communicating these methodological improvements to the public, both by example and by forums such as this one. But not everyone is interested in being educated on this issue, so there will always be weeds among the flowers.


    2.. Do you think one solution would be to lobby the largest subscription services, such as Ancestry.com, to provide more up-front and visible prompts to add ANY kind of information as to where the information as obtained - in their public family trees? 

  I doubt if the large subscription services would be willing to forego profits by making the data submission process more demanding. On Ancestry, for example, the prompts are in place for good citation entries, and the process is relatively simple, yet very few users of the public tree system even attempt to document their data. So, no, I doubt if that would be a "solution". 

  3.  Can you refer me to others who may have an opinion on this subject?

  You're already talking to them! Good luck with your project.

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