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Elissa Scalise Powell, CG Elissa at PowellGenealogy.com
Fri Jun 25 22:58:22 MDT 2010

I find that in our mobile society that people still want to feel grounded
with their roots. This is not a cliché but a reality. Humans do better when
they feel connected to things bigger than themselves. Family history,
ancestry, heritage, ethnic pride, whatever you want to call it gives us a
sense of place and being – a sense of ourselves. This is even more important
for at-risk populations (poor, imprisoned, underprivileged) and the
disconnected and estranged. They may have a sense of rootlessness or
unimportance. Tying ourselves to those who have gone before and
understanding their struggles and triumphs gives hope that we too can make
it through our lives’ trials and tribulations.


It is a sacred honor to help someone find their roots – and find themselves
in the process.


Good luck with the interview.


-- Elissa in Pittsburgh


Elissa Scalise Powell, CG


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I have been asked to speak briefly with a radio host on Monday morning and
would like to provide a broader opinion than my own on the following topic
specifically at what point in going back do these connections lose any real
meaning for us or our clients:

"we want to know how anyone finds connections that old [e.g. to nobility or
to royalty -their example is Count Vlad]– we’re so often hearing that some
celebrity is related to another or something like that. We’d want to talk
about the field of genealogy and how these connections are found. When does
family connection lose meaning in your opinion? Just because they shared a
relative 400 years ago, does that matter to people you’ve worked with? In
your experience can we all find someone famous in our family tree if we look
far enough back/ are we all related in some way if you go far enough back?"

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