[APG Public List] Excuse me?

Beth Gay bethg at integrity.com
Fri Jun 25 19:28:36 MDT 2010

The initial post warning friends of the person scammed seemed relevant 
to me. I do agree with Jillaine that there are too many off topic posts 
on this list. I have considered unsubscribing from the public list. I 
dislike the double postings on the member and public lists, but 
understand why the double postings are necessary.

I have had health problems this year which curtailed my access to my 
computer. I discovered that if I access my email account through my ISP 
web page and delete the messages on the web page rather than downloading 
all of the messages to my inbox the messages are more manageable. This 
method also aids me in identifying lists in which I no longer need a 

Also if you subscribe to the digest mode you need to take the time to 
learn how to use it properly. Receiving messages with Digest # so and so 
is no help. If I receive a reply message with all of the digest topics 
listed I usually just delete the message. If you really wish someone to 
read your reply then at least change the subject matter and delete the 
other messages. Forgetting is no excuse.

Warmest regards,
Beth Gay, Auburn AL

On 6/25/2010 6:41 PM, Jillaine Smith wrote:
> Um, why are we talking about email scams and who's responsible when 
> doors are unlocked ?
> Isn't this a listserv about professional genealogy?
> And... is there a "list owner" here?
> Can we please get back on topic?
> If you really feel moved to discuss off-topic items, can you please 
> take it off-list?

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