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This idea that 'friends of friends' wired money sounds like a classic urban 
legend.  Usually phrased in the manner "some friends of friends" did it, or 
saw it, or it happened to them.  When you go looking to see who these people 
were, it's like trying to drive to the horizon,  it keeps advancing in front 
of you through a continuous chain of new 'friends of friends'.  And you 
never reach an actual person who fell for it.

I really think anyone  who has been on the net for years, or used email over 
the last 5 years should be relatively immune to these things.  The scam of 
inserting email addresses is an old one, and rarely means that the message 
actually came from that email address (if you looked at the actual headers, 
you'd see it rarely does).  I get 50 of these things a day.  Some using 
variation of my own email addresses (kind of stupid to then include me in 
the mailing!).  Everything you can imagine.  If we started alerting the 
local police with every one of these silly little attempts, they'd not be 
able to do anything else.

they keep doing it simply because it's easy to do.  Not because it succeeds. 
Someone somewhere lives in hope of finding a dupe.  I guess it keeps them 
busy.  I imagine the return on their efforts is very small.

Your email address can appear in the "from" box, but that doesn't mean it 
actually was the email account or address that sent out the scam.  People on 
hotmail or facebook sometimes allow their contacts or friends lists to be 
openly viewed by everyone.  Or they use third party FB apps that aren't 
subject to your FB privacy settings.  Easy enough to glean those names and 
use them, replacing the original email sender with a fake version of your 

I find it strange that there's this kind of surprised and alarmed reaction 
to what is really a variation on a common email con.

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  I believe it is hitting hotmail accounts. At least the 4 friends that I 
know of all had internet based emails that were hijacked and this type of 
message was sent out. I understand that some give instructions on how to 
wire money to that foreign country and that some people's friends have 
actually done it. No wonder they keep on trying. They get money wired to 

  -- Elissa in Pittsburgh

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  I was the victim of this scam a few weeks ago. Someone got into my email 
account and sent this email to my entire list. It took me 24 hrs before I 
could get into my account and change my password. Some friends called to 
make sure I was ok. Others I had just seen a few hours ago and knew it was a 
hoax. I am convinced it came from Facebook which is why I removed myself 
from it. Just Beware1

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