[APG Public List] Sobbing in frustration

jillainedc at yahoo.com jillainedc at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 24 20:50:03 MDT 2010

Why is it so difficult to delete the screens and screens of previous messages when responding? There is absolutely no benefit to repeating each and every response to a message when replying to it. 

I find this practice so utterly rude and inconsiderate of other readers. I frequently access my email thru my phone yet catching up on APG and TGF is near impossible and at best an exercise in severe frustration. 

Even when accessing email thru my computer, wading thru screens of duplication to get to the next message (in digest mode) threatens my otherwise nonviolent nature. Especially given that its so easy to remove the previous text.

I and others have made this request before but our cries apparently fall on deaf ears. 

What will it take for practitioners of this obnoxious practice to cease and desist from it?

If it seems like I'm screaming, I am. In utter frustration!


-- jillaine

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