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 Thank you for sharing Ray.  I am preparing for a work related presentation in DC in July. I have never been to this facility/hotel and don't know what I am up against as far as equip, etc. I am sure it is top notch.   I requested my equipment needs, but again, you never know, and this will be my largest group ever (150)..so I want to be prepared for just about anything...thanks again!


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     Just because someone is not in your field, or you don't idolise them (I am 

not an Apple fanboy), does not mean you can't learn some things from them.

     I thought this article in the tech press, dealing with the techniques Steve 

Jobs uses to cope when there's a technical glitch might be useful to the 

speakers and presenters out there.


     Yes, it references a very technical presentation - but as the article 

points out, in just about any talk, there are things that can go wrong, and the 

techniques can be adapted to most situations.

                              Ray Beere Johnson II


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