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Would it be fair to say the term 'shirttail cousins' has Irish origins (as 
do some of these colourful, but apt descriptive phrases).  What I like about 
it is that it implies a characterization of the relationship in a more apt 
way than just "family of my second cousin's wife".   Some saying, 'they're 
my wife's shirttail kin" would convey more of a sense. Like "kissing 
cousins" (far enough removed that they could marry without breaking any 
cultural taboos)

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  In my experience, the term "kissing cousins" has been used in much the 
same way to mean distant "cousins", perhaps with no actual blood 
relationship (married in to the family, cousins of cousins, or even just 
distant cousins where the actual relationship is too convuluted to figure)


  At 01:18 PM 6/12/2010, LBoswell wrote:

    Just curious as to any interpretations of the phrase "shirttail 
cousins".  I've had an excellent answer on TheoryGen but wondering if the 
phrase has different meanings in different locations?

    Any other similar 'slang' type phrases defining kinship?



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