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The TGF or Transitional Genealogists Forum is a Rootsweb email discussion
list. Members of the list can post their thoughts, ideas and questions on a
variety of topics.

The _ProGen_ Study Groups are made up of genealogists working together to
study the book _Professional Genealogy_, edited by Elizabeth Shown Mills.
The group members study one or two chapters from the book each month,
complete a practical assignment on the topic, review the work of other group
members, and meet in a live online discussion with a mentor. The model is
described in an article I wrote called “Virtual Study Groups: An Opportunity
for Continuous Education” published in the _Association of Professional
Genealogists Quarterly_, 24 (June 2009): 93-96. I advocated others using the
model to study other texts or topics, and still encourage this type of
collaborative study.
The model has proven effective as the first two _ProGen_ Study Groups have
completed the 18 month program, and seven other groups are working their way
through it.

Angela McGhie
Administrator, _ProGen_ Study Program

On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 9:27 PM, Morris Simon <mosimon at comcast.net> wrote:

> For the uninitated such as myself, could someone please provide a brief
> description of the differences between the "TGF" and ProGen models of
> discussion? I presume they refer to workshop methods which I have not had
> the pleasure of experiencing. Perhaps there's a link to a website or two
> which will get me up to speed on the jargon?
> Thanks,
> Morris
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> Michelle, would this include an analysis of the records as well as how
> to source them?
> I am all for a discussion, on whatever list, about the first two
> chapters of EE.  I want to make sure I have the fundamentals down
> before I try citing on my own.
> Larry - for me, it means giving up End Note!
> On Jun 10, 2010, at 7:24 PM, Michele Kemper wrote:
> Larry,
> It is not so much a competitive race than a different approach to the
> same information.
> The Yahoo group you have started is designed to focus on source
> citation. My proposal was to look at the different records and discuss
> them as well as looking as source citation. Having it on an open
> discussion forum such as TGF would allow Elizabeth and other experts
> to help those of us trying to learn.
> Michele
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> Citationstudy groupcommencinc soon
> Excellent ideas, and they all serve the same ultimate goals.  You'd
> think this was a competitive race though.  I think I've kicked open a
> very
> pent up desire to learn here.
> Remember though that  I have nothing to gain and much to lose since
> this has become such a public issue on these lists today, but my
> intentions are
> honest and my motives are to try to make a small contribution
> to improving discussions on this subject.  The more places people
> have to turn to deepen their understanding of source citations (or any
> other genealogical matter), the better.  Obviously the demand is there
> for
> more information, more opportunities to expand knowledge on this
> subject.
> But that's the way genealogists are built.  There's always a greater
> hunger
> for new opportunities to learn than there are venues available, so I'm
> very
> pleased to see this sudden creative response to a long neglected need.
> I hope some of the people who have joined the yahoo study group
> also take part in these ventures, and bring the ideas and knowledge
> back to our
> little effort in turn.  And maybe the reverse will happen too.
> Larry
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>> Michele,
>> I agree that it could work. We just finished the
>> Standards Manual. Perhaps it is time to move onto systematic EE
>> discussions on
>> TGF.
>> Or another approach is to take the ProGen model and use EE
>> instead of ProGen. The model has a proven track record and is  described
>> in an
>> article by Angela McGhie in an APG Quarterly. The model includes  smaller
>> groups for manageable discussions but with an experienced mentor.  The
>> mentor
>> does not lead the group but only advises and acts as a resource. It  works
>> well
>> and lets peers step up and practice leadership skills. Of course  those
>> peer
>> leaders have to be found -- and the more the merrier. No kings or  queens
>> here!
>> <g>
>> It will be interesting to see how this resolves.
>> --
>> Elissa in Pittsburgh this week and Birmingham next week
>> Elissa Scalise
>> Powell, CG
>> www.PowellGenealogy.com
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>> Certified Genealogist are Service Marks of the Board for  Certification of
>> Genealogists, used under license by board certificants after periodic
>> evaluations by the Board.
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>>>  From: On Behalf Of Michele Kemper
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>> PM
>>> I think a step by step discussion of EE would be a good
>> fit for TGF or the open APG list.
>>> That would allow everyone to discuss
>> the topics openly and get expert input into the
>>> subject matter. Since
>> EE examines a wide range of records, it could be more than looking
>>> at
>> source citation, but looking at the breadth and depth of records
>> available.
>>> Any thoughts?
>>  The Transitional Genealogists List was created to provide a safe
> environment for genealogists to learn best practices as they
> transition to professional level work. Please respect the kind
> intentions of this list.
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