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Very funny, Elizabeth. As my late father's arch-enemy who was a damed Yankee to her toe nails [her husband locked her in a closet on the 1960 election day so she could not vote for JFK--this was Missouri mind you] used to say sarcastically [or is that sarcastically say?], "That's the Viginny in 'im." 

I won't tell you what he said about her, but trust me it did not include a bouquet of flowers. I also won't say who won that contest of words. I'd say it was tie. Which isn't really saying much for either of them. I must admit it was very, very difficult for a mouth like me to keep my mouth shut knowing somebody's secret birthday just because my father worked for the......oops, cant say that even [or is it "even that"?] to this day. I suppose neither of them have really died after all.


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> Darn. I wrote two paragraphs above. That's one too many!

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