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Thu Jun 10 17:20:15 MDT 2010

Larry wrote:
>I haven't restricted anyone so far, . I've asked that people with
recognized expertise not join while the group is in its formative stages,
until a dynamic is established .
> I think I see the concept really  exploring the ideas and concepts that
lie behind source citations as well as the actual application of those
concepts .
>My plan is to simply go over and over the basic approaches to analysis,
essentially what you start out with in EE.   
>but there is an important role for Elizabeth or anyone else with specific
expertise if they wish to accept it.
The offer stands, Larry, should you wish to accept me on your list. 
I do realize the challenges involved in teaching a "text" (as you describe
it-but, more accurately for EE, a "reference work") that is so immensely
detailed. Knowing the extent to which teachers must be intimately familiar
with whatever "texts" they teach, in order to interpret the author correctly
and avoid mischaracterization, I admire and appreciate your willingness to
study an 886-page EE "from front to back," alongside that 956-page CMOS and
the other archival guides you plan to cover. 
>And a look later at the source citation requirements for different
genealogical journals and magazines.
I trust that the editors of those journals will also be called in to
participate in discussions of their requirements? 
Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG
The Evidence Series
--- On Thu, 6/10/10, eshown at comcast.net <eshown at comcast.net> wrote:

You are generous indeed to launch this study group. I note you state that it
will be a "restricted group" and "not a place for those who already have a
high degree of confidence in writing source citations."  You also state that
you will be using EE and "going step by step through that text, from front
to back." 
While I really do not have time to participate actively on another list, I
would like to at least 'be available' for times when EE is misunderstood or
for the inevitable occasions when no one on the group has experience with a
particular type of source that EE covers. May I subscribe also?
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