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Larry and others,
As some others have stated, I'm also not sure I have time to follow another 
 genealogy mail group.  The topic is certainly legitimate, and the group 
may  thrive.  But, it seems to me that we already at least a couple of mail  
lists where questions can be asked about citations.  I'm not sure we need  
separate mail lists for every major genealogical research topic.  If, on  the 
other hand, you are planning to systematically go through all of  Evidence 
Explained page by page, then I would think you would want to  invite the 
author of the book to participate as little or much as she would  like.  I am 
making no assumptions about what Elizabeth Shown Mills prefers;  I'm just 
saying that if you are going to build an entire online discussion  around her 
book, it makes sense for her to be involved.  And I, like  others, wonder how 
you are drawing boundaries about who is or is not welcome to  participate.
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I hope that you have made it clear to your new group that  you have had the
opportunity to involve the person who wrote the book ­  and have chosen,
instead, to ³engage in chaotic question and answer  sessions.²

Janis Walker Gilmore

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