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You are generous indeed to launch this study group. I note you state that it
will be a "restricted group" and "not a place for those who already have a
high degree of confidence in writing source citations."  You also state that
you will be using EE and "going step by step through that text, from front
to back." 
While I really do not have time to participate actively on another list, I
would like to at least 'be available' for times when EE is misunderstood or
for the inevitable occasions when no one on the group has experience with a
particular type of source that EE covers. May I subscribe also?
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I've set up a yahoo group called SourceCitations.  What I'm planning is a
moderated study session group, restricted to those who don't have a high
level of confidence in the writing of source citations.  It will not be like
TheoryGen (which is completely wide open as to content and membership).  It
won't be a place to debate the BCG or professionalism or anything along that
I think I'm well placed to moderate such a group because I have 25 years of
experience with research methods, both historical and genealogical, and yet
I have a strong interest in really taking a detailed look at source
citations.  The idea would be a round table series of study sessions,  using
reference material such as Evidence Explained, going step by step through
that text, from front to back.  Plus looking at how the genealogical
approach compares and contrasts with the Chicago Style Manual.  Also side
sessions on the source citations preferred by major archives.  And a look
later at the source citation requirements for different genealogical
journals and magazines.
This is an open course structure, but not a place for those who already have
a high degree of confidence in writing source citations already.  Members
will be invited to bring their own source citations 'puzzles' to the table
at different points in the sessions (they would have to be appropriate for
the session that was current).
And anything on the list can be taken by any member who wants to solicit
opinions and comments on another list or from an expert (non-member) off
list.  There will be some restriction on that type of cross-posting.
Because it is a closed, restricted study group,  there will be an ability to
examine actual documents and case studies.  
Goal:  That participants hopefully will come out of it with a high level of
confidence in the writing of good genealogical source citations.
Participants are invited to participate at a level that they feel
comfortable at.  You can join at any point later as the sessions proceed,
but I recommend you go back and read through the earlier entries and
the Source Citation study sessions will utilize the following Yahoo group:
The group is open now, and the first sessions will begin in about two weeks.
I need to prepare some outlines but in the meantime, the door is open for
introductory discussions. I'd like to get a sense of what interests
participants,  who you are, what your motivations are for joining, and just
general ideas on the subject itself.
I think this is going to be really an interesting, quiet learning
environment for us all.
Larry Boswell BA, PLCGS
"Experts in Historical & Genealogical Research"
Listowner, TheoryGen (a non-archived list)
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
laboswell at rogers.com
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What about a Google  or Yahoo group?  That might be even easier to  
keep up with.  Right now I do not know enough to ask the right  
questions, so someone would need to lead at least until I get my head  
above water - at the rate I am going that might take a year.  I have  
no idea what my schedule will be like until after July 5th.

Would anyone be interested in a group like this.  Maybe the first set  
of discussions could cover the first 90+ pages of EE and then go  
section by section. We could post examples of the documents  listed  
that section and discuss both the analysis and the citation.

Comments, criticisms, ideas?

Jacqueline Wilson
Evanston, IL

wilssearch at me.com
Professional Indexer, Historian, and Genealogist
Deputy Sheriff for Publications of the Chicago Corral of the Westerners
IASPR Newsletter Editor

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On Jun 9, 2010, at 5:34 PM, Chris Staats wrote:

Jackie -

It sounds like a Wordpress or Blogger site might be the free medium  
you are envisioning. It's really easy to set up and configure. You  
could post the document and question in a post, and let people respond  
in the comments section. If you needed, it would be easy to also post  
a powerpoint presentation or other media to the blog using Slideshare  
or other free hosting services. You certainly could use a wiki or  
content management system, but a blog is simpler to set up and manage  
- especially without paying for hosting.

Just a thought.

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