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Jackie - 

It sounds like a Wordpress or Blogger site might be the free medium you are envisioning. It's really easy to set up and configure. You could post the document and question in a post, and let people respond in the comments section. If you needed, it would be easy to also post a powerpoint presentation or other media to the blog using Slideshare or other free hosting services. You certainly could use a wiki or content management system, but a blog is simpler to set up and manage - especially without paying for hosting.

Just a thought. 


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Cynthia:  The TGF list-serv is a great place for getting help with those pesky questions as well as the APG Public list.

Elissa and Doug and Cynthia:

Having said that, I find it difficult to follow some of the citation answers without seeing the actual document (for some documents - not all) because I have not seen the document before.  Being able to see the document would be a really big help.  Of course this is my personal problem and not a reflection on anyone else.

So I am trying to figure out a way to create something like a forum with pictures that is also free!  I am thinking about it, just do not know how to go about it yet.  Maybe a "Citation Wiki"?  Wiki not in the sense of wikipedia, but in the sense that it was used as a adjunct classroom for some of my classes.  Power point presentations, assigned readings, completed assignments were all posted so it included both text and visuals for the entire classroom to see and comment on.

Does this sound like something that is doable?

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On Jun 9, 2010, at 2:13 PM, James Burnett wrote:

This has been suggested several times on the TG list but no one has jumped up and said I'm in charge.
I would also like to sign up for one like this. Given the size of the effort one could envision a group formed and then spend a month on each chapter in EE depending on how many examples you wanted to work with and how often you submitted your effort to your peer group.

Douglas Burnett
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Interesting that Lisa referred to the TGF email list since it is Elizabeth
Mills who does much of the answering on citations either there or here. She
is very generous with her time, when she can.

I took the original question to mean a study group outside of an email list
and was waiting to see if anyone knew of one. This could be a "cause" that
someone might choose to "champion" just as the _Pro Gen_ Study Group was
formed as a response to a need.

What would such a "think group" look like? Would it be people sitting around
creating references for pre-selected sources? Would it be a place to bounce
your own citations off others? Would it be study of the whys and wherefores
of the citation models? Would it be like the couple of weeks that Dr. Tom
Jones spends on citations in the Boston University Genealogical Research
Certificate course? Just what would this animal look like? How would it be

More questions than answers,
Elissa in Pittsburgh
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