[APG Public List] citation think group APGers-isn't there one of those?

Elissa Scalise Powell, CG Elissa at PowellGenealogy.com
Wed Jun 9 12:28:35 MDT 2010

Just to clarify the questions posed below as a way to get people to
thinking: Citations and evidence analysis are often woven together when
people are discussing them. Any think tank or discussion on citations needs
to understand what it is you are citing. Citations act as a way that we can
analyze the weight of evidence we are citing by accurately depicting what it
is we actually saw and used and in what format. For example a photo of a
headstone is "weightier" than the book of transcribed readings. Courses such
as the Boston University course explore these issues. In Tom Jones' three
week module you get to examine the whys and wherefores of citations and also
evidence analysis, conflicting evidence, case building and what constitutes

So to add to the questions about when you say you might like to study
citations, do you really mean just the citations (as in formats), or will
proof arguments, evidence analysis and conflict resolution be part of the
discussion? It seems to me that it would make it a lot more relevant to be
able to consider, ponder, practice and discuss the whole ball of wax.

My .02,

Elissa Scalise Powell, CG
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> What would such a "think group" look like? Would it be people sitting
> creating references for pre-selected sources? Would it be a place to
> your own citations off others? Would it be study of the whys and
> of the citation models? Would it be like the couple of weeks that Dr. Tom
> Jones spends on citations in the Boston University Genealogical Research
> Certificate course? Just what would this animal look like? How would it be
> administered?

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