[APG Public List] "First Papers"

Chad Milliner research at milliner.com
Thu Jul 29 10:05:55 MDT 2010

Since the question of Ancestry.com's collections of naturalization documents came up in connection with this thread, I thought that I would point out that the best way to see whether Ancestry presently has naturalization records relevant to any particular research project is (in New Search) to go to http://search.ancestry.com/search/category.aspx?cat=115 and do a search from the search box on that page.  Two collections of original naturalization records (Declarations of Intention and/or Petitions for Naturalization) for selected areas are available by clicking  links to them on the right-hand side of that page if you want to browse.

In addition to these collections of original naturalization documents, Ancestry also has selected indexes to naturalization records, as others have noted.  More naturalization records and indexes are added periodically.

Chad Milliner, AG

(I work for Ancestry.com but I am wearing my professional genealogist hat in making this post, not my Ancestry hat.)

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