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"Naturalization records have never been my strong suit, but one of  my
students was having a problem with getting the full file of  naturalization
records from someone that she had contracted with on  Genlighten.  It was
my impression that the term "First Papers" would net  you everything in the
file from the declaration up to the oath - but this is  not what she's 

The person that she contracted with just sent her  a copy of the
declaration and charged her $16.  here is what my student  said:

"..This  lady is telling me that the declaration is the first  papers and
that is what I got. To tell you the truth it was not worth $16 I  paid for
them. Is that not  true.
http://www.genealogybranches.com/naturalization.html  - this is  the link
that I got. She told me to go look on ancestry to find the petition  papers
or final oath then she could find them. Am I still not  understanding?..."

Could someone clearly define the term "First  Papers"?

Thank You

Leslie Drewitz PLCGS"
Hello Leslie,
It would certainly be great to find a full file of naturalization records,  
but the only place I've ever found that is in a Land Entry file for an  
ancestor that homesteaded in Colorado.  His complete homestead file  included 
his declaration of intent, which was filed in a county in Iowa (I don't  have 
any idea to this day why he filed there or if he even lived there) and his  
subsequent papers in Colorado.
Gin Shaw

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