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Without knowing the details of what all was originally offered or known, my  
comments may not be applicable. So many naturalization papers lie in county  
courthouses, that it certainly is not a given that final papers, etc., are  
going to appear on Footnote. As a matter of fact, it is more likely that  
there would be no naturalization papers on Footnote.com since they have  
records mostly from the bigger district courts. A person could use any  
court and commonly used their own county courthouse (which to my knowledge  
is not on Footnote). They could file the declaration of intent in one place  
and then five years later be in some other location and submit the rest of  
the paperwork and take the oath of allegiance in a totally different  
courthouse than where the original declaration was filed.

I would consider "first papers" to be only the declaration of intent and  
not all the papers related to the naturalization process since it's  
possible all the papers are not in one location anyway.


On Jul 28, 2010 10:29am, Leslie Drewitz <ldrewitz at mybpl.org> wrote:
> Naturalization records have never been my strong suit, but one of my

> students was having a problem with getting the full file of naturalization

> records from someone that she had contracted with on Genlighten. It was

> my impression that the term "First Papers" would net you everything in the

> file from the declaration up to the oath - but this is not what she's  
> getting.

> The person that she contracted with just sent her a copy of the

> declaration and charged her $16. here is what my student said:

> "..This lady is telling me that the declaration is the first papers and

> that is what I got. To tell you the truth it was not worth $16 I paid for

> them. Is that not true.

> http://www.genealogybranches.com/naturalization.html - this is the link

> that I got. She told me to go look on ancestry to find the petition papers

> or final oath then she could find them. Am I still not understanding?..."

> Could someone clearly define the term "First Papers"?

> Thank You

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