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The Archives départementales du Bas-Rhin in France keep  public and private 
archives since the VIIIth century. Their home page is in  French because 
all our finding aids are in French. 
As for the genealogical  ressarches, most records are now available online.

=> Go to  "archives.cg67.fr"
=> roll down to: Accéder aux registres en ligne (access  to online 
=> "License" => roll down to "J'accepte ces  conditions" (I accept your 
conditions) and place a mark into that empty  field

=> same field "License" appears => roll down and press  on "Application 

=> on the virtual keyboard press the  first letter of the town you're 
looking for, then take one of the optional town  names mentioned.

(open your screen as wide as  possible)

Green colored are the parish records. 
Red-brown are  the civil records. 

=> Double click on one of the  folders.

Help yourself. As I did. 

Mit freundlichen Gruessen

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=> genealogy
=> local  history
=> transcriptions (f.e. old German into modern)
=> guided  tours through St. Wendel County
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