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My  understanding in Europe that graves are used again after a long period  of 
time.  That is what I meant.  As for old tombstones, whoever is  currently in 
the grave is the name that would be on the tombstone.  If  I'm wrong about this, 
please let me know.  I would like to know what is  going on and why this 
genealogist went on a tombstone search through  several churches rather than 
going through the front door to talk with  the minister or priest.  

The tombstone inscriptions I received were in different hand-writings and some 



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You described a situation in Ireland as follows:

"The Irish research was unbelievable.  The genealogist instead of going to
> individual churches to search records like I thought, went to the church
> graveyards and apparently had his children writing down the names of anyone of
> the surname I needed.  I was looking for people in the 1600s.  The earliest
> tombstone date was 1952."
Had  the genealogist been a member of the Association of Professional  
Genealogists in  Ireland, you could have filed a complaint with the Council of 
APGI. Our  members value their reputations. Every complaint is taken seriously 
and  every effort made to resolve the dispute or misunderstanding.

I  have been doing genealogy in Ireland for 35 years and have not come  across 
any responsible genealogist who would do a cemetery search when a  parish 
register search was requested. Perhaps you were dealing with  someone who was 
not a professional. Searches in the 1600's are rarely  successful unless the 
family was propertied and documented so any good  genealogist would have advised 
you of the limitation of parish registers  to begin with.

I am interested in what you meant when you said:
" I am well aware that the graves are turned over in Ireland and that there 
would be no older tombstones."

There are some 18th century headstones in Ireland still in existence, but it 
would be highly unlikely to find one from the 17th  century.
Finally, I would be very interested in learning how one would turn over a grave.


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