[APG Public List] Problem with professional genealogist; formerly, Repeating client's work

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Thu Jul 22 13:14:22 MDT 2010

So many folks have written both off and on-list offering instruction as to
how to adjust my/our group expectations when working with professional
genealogists that I feel, again, the mistake has been, in part, mine, due to
lack of understanding how that process works; although, I remain puzzled as
to the genealogist's written agreement to our written terms.

I will here address one or two specific questions asked of me:
1. regarding our ancestor's children, we tracked down and verified the
thirteen children and numerous grandchildren of our ancestor to include
marriage, military, religious persuasion, estates papers, land records of
several types such as deeds, mortgages, tax records, plats, etc. It is
possible we overlooked some records, but from birth to death for amateur
researchers is pretty good, we think, and we wanted no additional searches.
Sure wish we could do that going backwards in time! If we knew our
ancestor's siblings we would have done the same-----
2. I still feel "queasy", if you will, that the genealogist has proceeded
with research we have specifically requested not to be done, without
informing us of her need.
3. Yes, three hundred dollars hardly pays for the genealogist's
getting-acquainted-time with our work on our ancestor, but it was she who
set the amount.
4. With the considerable information gathered from you listmembers, my
family and I will decide how to proceed.

To each person who wrote in response to my query, I thank you. I am grateful
for, and appreciative of your time as well as your comments.

Mag Parker
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