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I meant to send this to the apg public list as well.

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Israel and Mag,

Larry and the others have given good advice.  I was reacting more to when I've 
had clients respond to almost everything I've found as though they already have 
it and want more research without paying.  Their initial letter request and 
phone calls didn't indicate that and I have concluded that this is their way of 
trying to get more research for free.  

I've been burned myself but this has usually been with foreign research and 
dealing with genealogists in Ireland and Germany.  I've actually had to hire 
someone from the US to go over to Austria and straighten out what was correct 
and what wasn't when I discovered that the records I told were only in Germany 
were available at the FHL and I was able trace and correct that portion of the  
research.  The records for Austria are not available here so I did pay for a 
genealogist friend to go to Austria and get the correct information.

The Irish research was unbelievable.  The genealogist instead of going to 
individual churches to search records like I thought, went to the church 
graveyards and apparently had his children writing down the names of anyone of 
the surname I needed.  I was looking for people in the 1600s.  The earliest 
tombstone date was 1952.  

When I didn't respond with asking for more research, this genealogist had the 
nerve to send me another letter wanting to continue the tombstone searches.  I 
am well aware that the graves are turned over in Ireland and that there would be 
no older tombstones.  So, I know how disappointed Mag is and I know how Israel 
feels because I've been in both situations as well.

Jeanette Daniels
Heritage Genealogical College

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My answer would be simple.  I need to see where you may have gone  wrong (since 
you've hit a point where you need to hire me) in your previous  research.  To 
get from A to B I have to take a fresh look at a range of  records that you may 
or may not have looked at.  I'm the professional, you  hired me because your 
 research attempts failed in some way.  Part of  what I have to do to get past 
that 'failure' is to look at what you did, and  make sure you didn't 
misinterpret or overlook some key piece of  information.  To accept everything 
as given would make me your partner in  your failed attempt, and since I have 
the experience and training to bring to  bear on the problem, I prefer to 
evaluate things for myself rather than accept  your take on things.
I wouldn't actually use the word 'failure', I'd dress the explanation up in  
pleasant, amiable terms, but the above would be what I meant.
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>What do you folks do when - after asking client the three basic    questions 
>what do you know, what do you want to learn and what resources    have you 
>already checked - client then says "Why did you spend two hours    on such 
>and such?  I already looked at that."
>She didn't    include that resource in answering the third basic question, 
>so as far as    I knew, this was a new investigation.  (Let's ignore that I 
>might    have found something that client herself missed.)
>Do you have to tell    client in advance exactly what resources you are 
>planning to    investigate?  That can get awfully cumbersome - next thing 
>she'll    want to know exactly how many units of fifteen minutes will be 
>spent on    each resource!
>I mean you can hardly just say "Tough luck.  I    asked what you had done 
>yourself and you didn;'t mention this    resource."
>Israel  Pickholtz

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