[APG Public List] There IS A Genealogy Connection

Ray Beere Johnson II raybeere at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 12 20:12:44 MDT 2010

Before anyone suggests this post is off-topic, I have two reasons for posting it that are relevant to genealogists. Given my personal attitude towards Microsoft, it is hardly something I'd post without very good reason.
     First reason: if you watch the video (link below: it's less then four minutes), you will discover a minute or so in a segment about a genealogical "scam". It is interesting that was one of two approaches they used to "scam" the general public. It is also worthy of note that _genealogy_ can be used as bait to lure people into divulging personal information for non-genealogical purposes. I've already received several scam messages targeted at one of my family lines.
     Second reason: this list deals not just with genealogy, but with the nuts and bolts of genealogy _as a business_. There is a tendency among many listers to consider security issues irrelevant. But when the problem is so widespread even I can find some value in a video subtly promoting Microsoft, and when _genealogy_ is one of the avenues of approach in that video, intended to reveal the vulnerability of the general public, it is time everyone took notice. How can you claim to "safeguard" client data if you don't even know all the issues involved?
     No, I _don't_ endorse _any_ version of Internet Explorer. It is _not_ the safest or the best choice for a browser. In fact, Microsoft's approach to security leaves all _small_ businesspeople _more_ vulnerable. (Apple's is _worse_.) That isn't the point. The point is, unless you don't use a computer in your business at all, this is an issue you need to take seriously. From every possible angle.


                           Ray Beere Johnson II


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