[APG Public List] Delaware Death Certificate

Janice Sellers janicemsj at gmail.com
Mon Jul 5 09:33:38 MDT 2010

Dear All,

In the course of some current client research, I find myself in need
of a death certificate from Delaware.  The application for a death
certificate states that for a genealogy request proof is required.
For the options listed on the form, a genealogy request is the only
one that is appropriate.  Does anyone on the list have experience with
Delaware requests and can tell me what level of proof they are
actually looking for?  Does the request need to be from the related
individual?  The form does not seem to allow for an agent except for
that of the deceased.  Is there a difference between requesting a
certificate by mail and in person?

Thanks very much in advance for your advice and assistance.

Janice M. Sellers
Ancestral Discoveries

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