[APG Public List] Need info. about SSA's $16 "Search for Information about Death of an Individual"

Linda Johnson lindajohnsongenealogy at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 2 10:59:43 MDT 2010

I'd appreciate it very much if someone who's ordered this type of search could tell me what kinds of information the Social Security report includes. Is it just a set list, or will the SSA supply specific kinds of information if you ask for it (assuming they have it available)?

The SSDI entry I'm interested in includes the code (P), meaning "(Proof) death certificate observed," and the code (72) in the otherwise empty last residence box, meaning that the information came from a funeral home. The entry does not list a last place of residence or last benefit location. What I want from the SSA is the place of death and the name of the funeral home, both of which I assume they had, based on the above coding. Does anyone know if the SSA will include that information in the $16 "Search for Information"?

Also, will they send the information only to direct-line descendants, or is it possible to get information about great-aunts, etc.?

Thanks very much for any information. I've posted here because my query to the SSDI message board has received no answers.

Linda Johnson


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