[APG Public List] 2010 Census warnings

D Kapp kappgen at consolidated.net
Tue Jan 26 15:50:45 MST 2010

The content of the mass email seems accurate to me.

The address verification phase of the 2010 census actually began in 
early 2009, with the specific time of the canvassing varying depending 
on where in the U.S. you live. As one of the address canvassers 
(actually, I was in quality control, but that's another story), my job 
for where I live ran for several weeks from about April to June.

Handheld computers are/were used, and when one region was done with 
canvassing, the computers were shipped to the next region. Perhaps 
address canvassing is still going on somewhere...

Our formal training mandated visiting every dwelling (knocking on doors) 
in specific blocks/areas to verify that each dwelling had a mailing 
address on the census address list. We asked if the family received mail 
at their posted address (if there was one posted on the house), obtain a 
correct mailing address if a PO box is used, check the ZIP code when in 
doubt, and make sure that any separate residences or other unit on a 
property, such as a trailer, above-garage unit, or apartment gets its 
own census. A house that looks at first glance like a single-family 
dwelling could have a separate apartment. (There are quite specific 
definitions as to what constitutes a dwelling unit. It was all in that 
big manual we carried around.) We also were to list addresses of group 
dwellings in our assigned blocks/areas such as nursing homes, halfway 
houses, etc., which get a different type of census form. We also deleted 
any addresses that were on the "starting list" but no longer existed.

In practice, I heard that some canvassers just walked along sidewalks or 
streets and copied down the numbers from mailboxes or door fronts. So 
you might have noticed either type of activity relating to address 

Debbie Kapp

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