[APG Public List] Needing 18th-19th Century American Maps

Donna McR donna316 at tx.rr.com
Sun Jan 24 05:57:12 MST 2010


I am looking for a map set in book format that would show the evolution of American counties from the time of the colonies to modern day.  This should also show the changing colony/territory/state boundaries.  I need major waterways and mountain ranges indicated also.

I would really like the set to be in as few volumes as possible----large paperback format, perhaps spiral bound to lie flat. 

I have "An Atlas of Southern Trails to the Mississippi," which is helpful, but does not include the county-evolution maps I need.

I do not need historical maps---those created during the time period itself.  I need modern, clear representations of the subject matter.  I am definitely looking for "working maps" rather than something one would frame.

I think surely there must be something akin to this for sale.  Can someone make a recommendation?

I'm sure there must be software that would do the same and allow customization for the needs of a particular project----perhaps that would work if it would produce clear maps that I could print out to be marked on, etc.  

Any help or advice appreciated.



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