[APG Public List] Death certificate in Tennessee

todd white toddmichaelwhite at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 20 18:41:08 MST 2010

Hello all, 
am ultimately looking for a maiden name for a client's ancestor. I know
she was married somewhere in Texas between 1899 and 1901. I am not sure
of the County the couple were married in. Therefore locating the
marriage license has proven to be impossible so far. 
that marriage, there was a child born somewhere in Texas in 1904. That lady grew up,
married, moved to Tennessee and passed away in 1954. I would like to
see the death certificate to see if her mother's maiden name is on it
but for some reason I cannot locate her death certificate.
anyone know what I can expect to find on that death certificate?
Considering that it was issued from Tennessee in 1954, should I expect
it to contain her mother's maiden name? 
Thank you all in advance!
Todd White 

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